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From the heart of the Pastor & Evangelist Wright… beauty for ashes…

God has a purpose for Holy Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church and we are sure that His purpose for our ministry       involves the edification of people and the glorification of God. We are AN EXCITING CHURCH EXCITED ABOUT ITS MISSION as a local Body of Christ which seeks to empower through transformation, the spiritual lives of the people of North Las Vegas, Nevada, its vicinity and ultimately the entire States, countries, and global  creations. There is no limit to what God can do!

“God’s Word is always successful in accomplishing its objective of transformation of our lives and the building up of His Church.  Our ministry remains to “see lives change”.  The Lord has shown us that our labor is not in vain.  Isaiah 55:10-11

The past year has been challenging and yet fruitful in seeing spiritual growth and maturity in our congregation.  We are     grateful to God for all He has done, is doing and continue to do in, through and for us as a great church constantly striving in Christ Jesus. Each day, week and month is a continued struggle to meet financial obligations, physical, social and spiritual needs and yet serve mankind, but through the grace of God we continue in His strength. We daily take, eat and drink as       prescribed, the word of God and that nourishment has brought us this far and continues to sustain us.

Our battle continues…but God.  Despite our trials of enormous debt, threats and attempts of destruction against the house of God, Holy Trinity is grateful that God is always faithful and continues to keep us and grants us persistent Vision, as we Venture toward Victory!  Though beaten, battered and worn, our ship sails and stands strong, unmoved, steadfast and on course despite the tides. We’re in it to win it and we will not waiver, falter nor fail. Our church is alive and determined to prevail in Christ!

Our six-mark ministry of who we are, what we do and how we endeavor to affect change is by being that change of a           Word-driven, Christ-centered, Gospel-drenched, Spirit-empowered, Personally-modeled, Love- Motivated congregation of believers who lives the change that Christ desires in and for all his people. We Thank each of you for your love and support!

Pray for us, unite with us and together we all can successfully navigate the journey from earth to heaven to our reward eternally Glorifying God!


Praising God Always,

Pastor Charles T. Wright & Evan. Peggy J. Wright

Holy Trinity AME Church

Holy Trinity A.M.E. Church  700 Lola Avenue No. Las Vegas, NV 89030 Church: 702-877-0790 Fax: 702-649-5932


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